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Dottie the Survivor

You can't keep Dottie down.

Dottie the Survivor

4 weeks post surgery–Life is good!

January 11th, 2019 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Dottie is great! Super Dottie! Fearless. Happy. Hopping.

This week was 4 weeks post accident. I noticed because of the sliver of a moon I saw in the sky which was the same as the night before the accident. The memory took my breath and left an ache in my heart and then I remembered, Dottie and I were out walking 4 weeks later. The moon was the same and Dottie is too, minus a leg (obviously).
Some wise folks here told me to be patient, that Dottie would come back to us and she has. She likes her new brother Leo. He is such a sweet and well-behaved boy and is happy to play on his own for a bit and then take Dottie a bone or a ball (she only likes the bone). He is working on her to get her to snuggle him but she’s not quite ready for that.
Dottie’s signature move has always been to shake and really hold hands. She is doing this again regularly while learning to keep her balance. She is navigating the house and stairs even popping her head in the bathroom to check on her humans.
Dottie is doing everything she did as a four-legged dog. Her walks are a bit shorter but she is enjoying trips to the park and is the most famous dog in the neighborhood. She doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention and neither does Leo.
Life is good!
Until next time!
Tara and Dottie 💙🐾

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • paws120

    That is wonderful news! So happy to see that life is settling down for all of you and Dottie is rocking life on three 💘💘
    She looks pawsome!

    Jackie and Huck

  • benny55

    I think the silver moon was also a wink and a nod from Clyde that he’s still watching over you and Dottie and Leo. ❤

    So glad to hear how well Dottie is doing. Isn’t
    delightful to see her do things just like before? Holding hands, checking in on her hoomans…so sweet😎 I love that she and Leo are pals and that Leo brings her toys! Too cute! Can’t wait for the snuggle side by side pictures!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • jerry

    Yay Dottie! You sure do look like you’ve had this Tripawd thing down for years.

    I love that you are re-learning your tricks. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole new repertoire, and Leo too!

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